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    In our upcoming October design issue, one of the many fascinating feature stories we’ve lined up is a lengthy profile of Pinterest and its elusive CEO, Ben Silbermann. That story goes live later this week, but until then, here’s a teaser, in the form of an infographic about Pinterest, created by Fast Company’s staff and designed by our own Ted Keller.

    In this profusion of figures, you find out a few key things about the image-sharing service. For one, it’s dominated by women. Second, something about its layout and culture stokes an enormous buying impulse. And third, major brands are getting in on the act. It’s not a stretch to say that soon, at least on retail sites, a Pinterest button might become as ubiquitous as a Facebook Like. Check out the full infographic via the link below.

    Infographic: The Astounding Power Of Pinterest

  2. Master Pickers: CV Trading Post

    Steve Ayers
    Staff Reporter

    CV Trading Post owner Marc Johnson displays one of the treasures that fill his store, a World War II vintage dummy bomb.

    CAMP VERDE - Marc Johnson is a picker.

    At least that’s the term some use for those ambitious enough to spend their days rummaging through yard sales, estate sales, rummage sales and auctions in search of treasures, then flipping them for a profit.

    In Johnson’s case he has been doing it most of his life, and in fact put himself through college, one treasure at a time, in his younger days.

    "It wasn’t called pickin’ in those days. It was called dumpster diving. Today it’s fashionable. Back then it wasn’t…" jokes Johnson.

    These days he does it as much for fun as profit, having retired from the career track his college education, bought and paid for from one man’s junk, got him.

    And nowadays he doesn’t have to do as much pickings Now that he has a storefront, a lot of the stuff comes to his door.

    Johnson and his business partners Chris O’Brian and Jeremiah Quintanilla are the owners of the CV Trading Post located at 873 Howards Road, just east of White Bridge on State Route 260.

    One mans junk is another mans treasure is the business model behind the CV Trading Post. The store buys, sells, consigns and trades collectibles and other questionable items over the counter and around the world.

    It looks much as one would imagine a trading post owned by three veteran pickers would look.

    The shelves are packed with collectables, for some of which one would wonder what the attraction is.

    "There is a collector for almost everything," Johnson says as he shows off a jewelry case made by a prisoner at some penal institution somewhere, made entirely of Popsicle sticks.

    Among the treasures is a dummy bomb once dropped by an aspiring pilot, Barbie dolls dressed in designer outfits autographed by the designer and a chunk of polished stone containing a school of fossilized squid. There are also arrowheads, comic books and a Nazi helmet.

    It is, in O’Brian’s words, “like a mini-museum around here.”

    Johnson and his partners don’t own all the stuff. Some of it is on consignment. And they will buy, sell or trade for just about anything that interests them. And not all of it is sold over the counter.

    "We do a lot of business over the Internet. It’s like a planetary yard sale and it definitely gives a little store in backwater Camp Verde a worldwide clientele," he says.

    CV Trading Post is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday through Sunday and by appointment. Their Website is Call (520) 261-5118 for an appointment.

  3. The Things We Come Across

    Beautiful Horse Carving


    For sale we have a BEAUTIFUL piece done by unknown artist. This is a huge work of art measures almost 13 feet long 5 feet tall and about 8 inches thick. This piece depicts 18 wild horses ( mustangs) running with the dust kicking up at their feet and the wind blowing through their manes. This is a amazing piece for your home, ranch, country estate or place of business. The workmanship and time that must have gone into this piece of art must have been a year or more for the carver. The detailing and workmanship is top shelf and worthy of the best gallery in the country.

    Auction Includes

    Two large slabs measuring 30 x 150 x 8 inches weighing in at 500 Pounds

    Physical Condition

    Good(there are some scuffs and scratches)

    More Details

    This fabulous work of art could be yours if the price is right. I was told it came from a old bar here in Arizona, but I have no paper work and the piece is unsigned so I have no way to confirm or deny it. If you have been in that bar or seen this piece then let me know a little more information would help me track down the origins of this beautiful consignment. The facts are it is made from two large slabs that are 30 x 150 x 8 inches thick it weighs around 500 pounds we will get this crated and get the best price for shipping ( shipping and crating are included in the connecting 48 states) This is a consignment from a local man who has had it for a while and needs to clear out his estate of beautiful art work.

    The workmanship and the detailing on this exciting piece are some of the best I have ever seen. You will need a large wall to display it . The two slabs mortise and tenon together and the ends are slotted to be slid into a 4x4 wall stud so that it is held firmly in place. The carving has some cracks and aging and some warp-age which is normal for a piece like this. The cracks could be filled to match the wood or (my favorite) place small pieces of Turquoise in the small little cracks to give it that southwestern fell.. If you are lucky enough to be the winning bidder you will not be disappointed.

    This item is massive and we do not want to have any issue after the sale so ask now or forever hold your peace. We have lots of extra pictures so if you have any questions then let us know we will be more then happy to answer any questions and send you any pictures you may want. We are also available for personal viewing if your lucky enough to be in the Sedona, Arizona area Don’t miss out on this one of a kind piece. Thank you for looking

    Payment & Terms

    • We accept Trades
    • We accept Credit Cards
    • We accept payment through Paypal
    • We DO NOT accept personal checks, cash, or foreign currency

    ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Immediate payment is required within 7 days of auction close. If we do not receive payment your items will be relisted and sold. All shipping charges and taxes are the responsibility of the winning bidder. Your bid is a binding contract between you and CV Trading Post, Inc. We are not responsible for typos or electronic incompatibilities. No refunds will be made for wrong purchase or by mistake. We reserve the right to cancel bids from any bidder with negative feedback ratings or who are acting suspicious.

    Contact Us


    (520) 261-5118

  4. On Happiness

    Happiness is something you cultivate by living right and doing what should be done. It is available to anyone any time they are able to align themselves with the person they should be.

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    We are an Arizona-based consignment shop dealing primarily in: antiques, jewelry, collectibles, tools, art, designer clothing, and purses. Here at the Camp Verde Trading Post we buy, sell, trade, and consign most anything of value!